Precise Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement Service

Garbage disposals can be found in more than half the homes in Paradise, Nevada. As useful as these appliances are, they are commonly misused. The average, residential disposal is manufactured to handle light amounts of food waste. When homeowners overload their appliance, it can quickly become clogged with excessive food particles. Not only does this cause the kitchen sink drain to clog, but it will eventually lead to a sink that drains slowly or won’t drain at all.

If your disposal is broken or clogged, call Paradise Plumbing & Drain Cleaning. We provide garbage disposal repair and replacement services for every type of disposal (batch feed and continuous feed) and all brands. If you need a new disposal, we also sell and provide professional installation.

Why More People in Paradise Trust Our Garbage Disposal Repairs

At Paradise Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, we only contract with the best plumbers in Paradise, NV. This makes us an excellent choice for accurate, professional, and expert repairs. Our team of plumbers can give knowledgeable advice and plumbing service around the clock. Their patience and willingness to deliver superior customer service means that you can count on them to answer all your questions, troubleshoot problems with you over the phone, and make suggestions for ways you can fix minor disposal problems on your own.

Garbage Disposal Replacement and Installation

Our plumbing pros have the tools and specialized knowledge to replace and install any type of garbage disposal on the market. We replace disposal between .02 and 1.0 horsepower and can help you choose a new disposal that is the best option for your household needs.

Choosing the right sized garbage disposal matters. Smaller households can usually get by with a model that has the least amount of horsepower. But, if you have a large household and prepare a large amount of food, you may want to consider a model with 1.0 horsepower to ensure that you won’t overwork the disposal. Selecting the appropriate type of disposal means there will fewer chances of mechanical failures.

If you’re ready to speak with one of our associates today, pick up the phone and call us to request a quote for garbage disposal repair or replacement services. We also offer same-day toilet repair and other kitchen and bathroom plumbing services. ¬†Our services are ¬†always 100% professional and backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee. We can’t wait to take your call.