Faucet Repair Services in Paradise, NV

Why should you hire a professional plumber in Paradise, Nevada to assist you with home faucet repair? For starters, a professional plumber has the expertise to figure out the exact cause of the leak that may be coming from the faucet in your kitchen sink or bathroom sink. This professional also has the proper tools to help him remove the nut, stem, washer, and decorative pieces of the faucet without causing additional damage.

At Paradise Plumbing & Drain Cleaning, we know that there are a lot of homeowners that prefer to be in charge of their own repairs. We don’t hold this against you. We commend you. But, if you aren’t too sure what the difference between a screw driver and a wrench is we think it’s better to leave your plumbing repairs to us.

We Stop Leaks for Less!

Our goal is to repair your leaky faucet without charging you a fortune. Many people tell us that they’ve put off asking for help, choosing to live with the leak instead, because they were fearful of the cost. Most faucet repairs, including water shut-off valves, are relatively inexpensive, especially if you take action immediately.

Should I Replace My Faucet?

We can help you make this decision. While faucets can last a long time, eventually this is a part of your plumbing system that will need to be replaced at some point or another. If the cost to repair a broken faucet far exceeds the cost to replace, we’ll help you choose a new model and perform complete installation for you.

Call us today and we’ll give you a quote for bathroom faucet installation, kitchen faucet replacement, garbage disposal repair and even provide you estimates for laundry room, bathtub and shower faucet repair.

We’re available 24 hours a day at your beck and call.